Create Dance

Build confidence, get active and have fun.

Build confidence, get active and have fun.

Create Dance is a dance school offering regular dance classes as well as workshops across schools and organisations in Sandwell and Birmingham.

Create Dance, Sutton Coldfield street dance classes for kids

At Create Dance, we offer a non competitive fun environment for children and young people to come and practice their passion in dance. dancing is an excellent way to build confidence, self-esteem, boost well-being and work up a real sweat.

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Our classes are non-competitive, and teach dance moves and routines in a fun and safe environment that promotes respect for all.

Classes are structured to engage children and young people both physically and mentally.

Create dance offers students the opportunity to enter dance examinations with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA). We hold IDTA specific classes, working towards varying levels of rosettes and medals. we realise however that examinations in dance isn't for everyone so for those who just want to dance for fun and learn the latest dance moves we offer that too.

If you are interested in joining class or would like more information please contact Create Dance using the Contact Form.


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Build confidence, get active and have fun.

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